Adrian Broca



“I no longer think about the days when I could see. Blindness is not my prison. Living in regret is.”

– Adrian Broca

In life as in endurance sports, Broca has learned it’s not about the struggle, it’s about the strife we overcome.  As a motivational speaker, he has inspired real estate professionals, entrepreneurs and students of all ages.

BOOK Adrian Broca to:

  • INSPIRE your team to see themselves from an empowered vantage point.
  • Shift their PERSPECTIVE on perceived limitations.
  • MOTIVATE them to overcome plateaus.
  • SEE challenges as a test of their resilience.
  • PERSEVERE in the face of adversity.
  • Take RISKS despite uncertainty.
  • RECOVER from loss and devastation.

Broca has been featured on the front page of The Boston Globe and written about in Runner’s World Magazine. His story has also been told on NBC Sports, KTLA & Telemundo. His audiences laugh with him, are moved by the profundity of his experience and are inspired by his resilience and strength.

He also coaches groups of parents of children with disabilities and individuals who have lost or are losing their vision.

Broca is fluent in English and Spanish.

For speaking engagements and/or media requests please email: